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Four New Approaches to PrEP in Development That Aren't a Daily Pill

Four researchers at the HIV Research for Prevention Conference (HIVR4P) presented their work to develop safe and effective anal/vaginal douches and inserts, implantables that are biodegradable, and vaginal rings.

Donna Futterman, M.D. and Rachel L. Epstein, M.D., M.A.
People Who Use Drugs

Too Few Teens and Youth Adults Using Opioids Are Screened for Hepatitis C and HIV, New Study Finds

Despite their increased risk, only one-third of adolescents and young adults with known opioid use disorder were screened for hepatitis C, according to a study released at the IDWeek conference in San Francisco.

Alicia Garza

At USCA 2018, Black Lives Matter Cofounder Alicia Garza Discusses HIV and Building Black Social Justice Power

Alicia Garza talks with TheBodyPRO's Kenyon Farrow about HIV's relative invisibility in black social justice spaces, despite its disproportionate impact on black communities.

Southern Success: How a Rural Ryan White Clinic Reached 90% Viral Suppression

Georgia’s Living Bridge Center has found ways to engage rural people living with HIV and retain them in care.

Jean-Michel Molina presents interim results from the Prevenir study at AIDS 2018
Men Who Have Sex With Men

PrEP Before and After Sex Worked as Well as Daily PrEP in Preventing HIV, New Study Finds

“[The study] shows that the incidence of HIV in this cohort is zero averting 85 new infections," said Jean-Michel Molina, M.D., Ph.D., the lead researcher of the Prévenir study.

Alison Rodger discusses PARTNER2 study findings during a press conference at AIDS 2018
Men Who Have Sex With Men

Gay Men Cannot Get HIV From Partners Who Are Virally Suppressed, New Study Proves

Results from the PARTNER2 study, presented by Alison Rodger at AIDS 2018, yielded an equivalent level of confidence for gay men as it had for heterosexual couples in the original PARTNER study several years ago.

Paul Weidle, Pharm.D., M.P.H.
Conference Coverage

Data Collection Is Revolutionizing HIV Surveillance and Care, but at the Cost of Privacy?

Providers and researchers at the Adherence 2018 Conference discussed the role of data and surveillance through several approaches and how they are being used to understand local and global epidemics, marshal resources, and mobilize stakeholders for i...

HIVSmart! App Uses Mobile Technology to Link Self-Testing to Care and Counseling

A home-based HIV test with an app that connects people to care helps people find out their status and not disappear due to shame and self-stigma.

Controlling the Epidemic Summit conference banner
Conference Coverage

Is Ending the HIV Epidemic Possible, and If So, How? IAPAC Meeting in Geneva Takes Stock of Progress and the Road Ahead

More than 200 health care providers, researchers, and advocates gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, from across the globe to discuss progress and challenges in turning the tide on the HIV epidemic across the globe at the "Controlling the Epidemic" Summi...

HIV prevention pill is not reaching most who could potentially benefit -- especially African Americans and Latinos
CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections)

CDC: Few People Who Could Benefit From PrEP Are Using It

The CDC has released new data at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) estimating that only a small percentage of people most at risk for HIV infection have actually been prescribed pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).