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Purple Maze: The Dismaying State of Health Insurance, Even in a Healthy State

"Insurance problems abound that relentlessly devour staff time and energy and threaten the health of our patients," Keith Henry, M.D., writes.

By Keith Henry, M.D.

TILT: A Look at the Role of Interleukin-2 in Treatment Interruption Leans Toward the Negative

Most antiretroviral treatment guidelines utilize a CD4+ cell count threshold for the initiation of therapy. Interventions that increase CD4+ cell counts may not only be clinically beneficial, they may also be able to prolong the time off of antiretro...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Update on Salvage Therapy for HIV-Infected Patients

Introduction Trends in the Rate of Triple-Class Resistance The Impact of Resistance on Patient Management Diversity of Resistance Patterns and the Challenge of Resistance Testing Implications of the K65R Mutation K65R and T215...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

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Acute HIV Infection and the Sexual Transmission of HIV Prevention as Part of Clinical Care Negative Results From a Quality-Improvement Study Directly Observed Therapy in the United States? Histoplasmosis Maintenance Therapy...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

HIV Superinfection 5% in Newly Infected Gay Men

Dr. Smith and colleagues presented their experience looking for cases of HIV superinfection in the cohort of HIV-positive patients that they followed after identification of primary infection.

The topic of superinfection is important for several rea...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Unique HIV Testing Program in North Carolina

Dr. Pilcher, et al. presented the updated experience with the North Carolina screening and tracing active transmission program (STAT) which was first published in JAMA (2002; 288; 216-221). A key feature of the approach is to screen HIV antibody nega...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

An Update on the Diagnosis and Management of HIV-Associated Peripheral Neuropathy

A tired but proud David Simpson (his wife just had a baby!) provided an update on this important topic. Clinical data from the pre-HAART era document that one third of HIV-infected persons experienced peripheral neuropathy (PN). Perhaps the most impo...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Clinical Risk Factors for Hypersensitivity Reactions to Abacavir: Side Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy

Jamie Hernandez, M.D. and colleagues from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) presented this summary analysis examining factors related to hypersensitivity reactions (HSR) among over 8,000 study subjects receiving abacavir (ABC, Ziagen) in a large number of GSK-sp...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Overview of Metabolic Complications in HIV Disease

Chris Wanke from Tufts and Peter Weiss from the University of Amsterdam were given the challenging task of summarizing and synthesizing the state of knowledge on the subject of metabolic abnormalities as seen in the setting of HIV infection and its t...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

The Context Study: Efficacy and Safety of GW433908/RTV in PI-Experienced Subjects With Virological Failure (24 Week Results)

The Context Study: Efficacy and Safety of GW433908/RTV in PI-Experienced Subjects With Virological Failure (24 Week Results) (Oral 178) Authored by E. DeJesus, A. LaMarca, M. Sension, C. Beltran, P. Yeni View the original abstract

The Cont...

By Keith Henry, M.D.