Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

Keiko Lane is a psychotherapist and educator in Berkeley, California. She writes and teaches about the intersections of queer culture and kinship, oppression resistance, racial and gender justice, HIV criminalization, reproductive justice and liberation psychology.

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Latest by Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

Supporting All People With HIV Around Fertility, Conception and Family Building

"When we consciously ask questions about what bodies are capable of, and what we mean by identities, the language we chose allows us to share fantasies and make them enactable possibilities," writes Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

By Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

In the Sessions and Hallways at the PrEP Summit, I Saw the Hope and Challenges of HIV Prevention Today

Keiko Lane, M.F.T., finds herself connecting over the pain of losing so many to AIDS, even as she shares today's HIV prevention options with a gay, immigrant hotel worker in a serodiscordant relationship.

By Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

Anticipating Trump, an HIV Psychotherapist Considers Long-Term Survival and Solidarity

"What would it take for all of us to make it through this next phase of cultural and political maneuvering and change?" asks Kieko Lane, MFT. "We remember. We fight back. We always have. All of it. Just more, now."

By Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

The Trauma of Hope: A Psychotherapist Reflects on False Cure News -- A Blog Entry by Keiko Lane

"Hope triggers a particular kind of trauma made complicated by its relationship to grieving," writes Keiko Lane, MFT. "The relentless activation is exhausting and antithetical to the emotional stability required for long-term resilience."

By Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

The Undetectable Problem: Dating, Sex and Criminalization (Part 2)

"Anxiety, fear, shame and othering perpetuate HIV stigma. Viral load stigma is now what exclusionary dating clauses of 'no positives' used to be. 'Are you clean?' now means viral load. It isn't serosorting; it's viral load sorting." writes Keiko Lane...

By Keiko Lane, M.F.T.

The Undetectable Problem: Trauma and Adherence (Part 1)

"Not everyone can get to undetectable. And not everyone who does stays there. My fear concerns who gets left out of the conversation about the possibilities and meanings of survival when undetectable signifies success," writes Keiko Lane.

By Keiko Lane, M.F.T.