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Strategies for a Cure

Three researchers talk about ongoing HIV cure research within the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, treatment interruptions, and when we might see a cure.

By Karine Dubé and Jeff Berry for Positively Aware

One on One With Sharon Lewin

The noted HIV researcher reflects on recent advances, the search for a cure, and the long road ahead.

By Jeff Berry for Positively Aware

Black People Experience Less Viral Suppression

"Black people have less HIV virologic success (as shown by a drop in their viral load) than whites, according to a look at six gold-standard studies in HIV treatment with a total of nearly 5,000 individuals," Positively Aware reports.

By Jeff Berry and Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware

Long-Acting Drug in Development

Chinese researchers presented proof-of-concept (in other words, "this can work") data on a long-acting HIV fusion inhibitor medication, which suppressed HIV for six to ten days after a single injection.

Currently, Fuzeon is the only fusion inhibitor...

By Jeff Berry and Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware

Reyataz and Kidney Stones

Reyataz, one of two preferred HIV protease inhibitor (PI) medications under U.S. treatment guidelines, is associated with the risk of kidney stones and other potential renal abnormalities. According to Japanese researchers, people taking Norvir-boost...

By Jeff Berry and Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware

IAS Cure Workshop Highlights Advances and Challenges

At this year's conference we heard about exciting advances in cure research, as well as the launch of the International AIDS Society's (IAS) "Towards an HIV Cure" global scientific strategy. A two-day pre-conference workshop brought together researc...

By Jeff Berry for Positively Aware

Reflections From an Epidemic: Carrying the Torch to AIDS 2012

"It's difficult for many of us who have lived through such devastation, and the loss of so many friends, lovers, and loved ones, to dredge up those emotions, once again, and over and over," writes Jeff Berry, editor of Positively Aware. "It's going...

By Jeff Berry for Positively Aware

Complera and Atripla News

Last summer, 48-week data won FDA approval for Complera (see the November/December 2011 "Briefly" for the complicated details). At IDSA, 96-week data were presented from the ECHO and THRIVE studies that pitted the new Complera against Atripla. Comple...

By Jeff Berry and Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware

Switching From Atripla to Complera

Now that the best-selling Atripla has a real competitor, an important question becomes, can people switch from Atripla to the new Complera?

While switching to a new and improved drug or regimen is common, there was a concern about switching here bec...

By Jeff Berry and Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware

Reaching Young Gay Men Through Grindr

Raphael J. Landovitz, M.D., of UCLA said he was going to show "how to meet a gay man in five easy steps -- GRINDR 101." The greater purpose of his presentation, however, was to give the results of a survey of young gay men using the social networking...

By Jeff Berry and Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware