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Where Criminalization of Sex Work Intersects With HIV Criminalization

"Similar to HIV-specific criminal laws, laws criminalizing sex work are generally broadly written and arbitrarily enforced, enabling systemic discrimination and bias to turn into prosecutions of people of color and poor people," Laurel Sprague writes...

By Laurel Sprague for HIV Justice Network

Review of HIV Criminalization Research in the U.S., 1990-2014

Researchers found that, while awareness of HIV exposure laws was generally low, attitudes were generally supportive of HIV criminalization.

By Laurel Sprague for HIV Justice Network

Video and Written Reports for 'Beyond Blame: Challenging HIV Criminalization' at AIDS 2016 Now Available

A full-day pre-conference meeting preceding the 21st International AIDS Conference discussed progress on the global effort to combat the unjust use of criminal laws against people living with HIV.

By Olivia G. Ford for HIV Justice Network

Global Advocacy Highlights Against HIV Criminalization Presented at AIDS 2016

At the International AIDS Conference, the HIV Justice Network and GNP+ presented highlights relating to global advocacy against HIV criminalization based on updated research from their Advancing HIV Justice 2 report.

By HIV Justice Network

HIV Criminalization Activists Take Over the Stage at Durban AIDS Conference Opening Ceremony

Watch more than 100 people with HIV, sex workers and other criminalized people take to the stage at the International AIDS Conference opening ceremony to demand an end to HIV criminalization.

By HIV Justice Network