Ginger Skinner

Ginger Skinner

Ginger Skinner is a health reporter and editor based in Brooklyn, N.Y., with 15 years of experience covering scientific research for publications, non-profit organizations, and startups, including Consumer Reports, Elysium Health, Einstein Magazine, NeedyMeds, Everyday Health, and Center for Advancing Health. Ginger has specialized in reporting on numerous healthcare issues, among them: prescription efficacy, safety, and pricing; antibiotic resistance; and wellness in aging communities.

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We Need to Talk About Racism as a Barrier to HIV Prevention and Care for Black Women

HIV infection rates among Black women in the U.S. have fallen sharply over the past decade, but look closer and the numbers still paint a troubling story.

By Ginger Skinner

Hepatitis C Treatment Barriers Persist Through the Cure Era, Especially in U.S.

For the most vulnerable populations disproportionately impacted by HCV in the U.S.—i.e., incarcerated people and people who inject drugs—treatment remains dangerously elusive, experts say.

By Ginger Skinner