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CD4 Monitoring in Resource-Limited Settings: The State of the Art at AIDS 2004

With conventional CD4 T-cell counts and viral load tests all but unaffordable for routine use in resource-poor settings where low-cost antiretroviral medications are now being offered, there has been a disorganized scramble to come up with alternativ...

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HIV Coreceptor Drugs on the Horizon

A Canadian company, Anormed Inc., is carving out a specialty niche for itself as a developer of drugs that bind to chemokine receptors, such as CCR5 and CXCR4. They were the first to put an X4 blocking drug into people with HIV and proved that the co...

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Abbott's Norvir Price Hike Is Bad Medicine

On May 25, 2004, the NIH heard public statements concerning a petition to invoke the march-in provisions of the Bayh-Dole Act on Abbott Laboratory's Norvir. The law says that patented inventions developed in part with public funds can be reassigned t...

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Progress on Antiretroviral Access in India: Interview With Khousalya Periaswamy

What is the situation for access to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs in India now?

In April, the government started giving free ARV drugs in six high prevalence states in India, but only a few people are getting them so far. They are focusing on high prev...

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Conference Coverage

Keystone HIV Pathogenesis and Vaccine Development Report

This year's Keystone Symposia on Molecular Mechanisms of HIV Pathogenesis (X7) and HIV Vaccine Development (X8) were held in British Columbia's Whistler Resort, Canada, from 12-18 April 2004.

This highly specialised and relatively small annual meeti...

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HIV and Host Genetics: Complexity and Contradiction

I vividly remember the moment I understood how complex the life cycle of HIV must be and how difficult it could become to find a cure. During a press briefing at the 1989 International Conference on AIDS in Montreal, Professor Jay Levy, of the Univer...

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Gene Therapy: The Ultimate Fusion Blocker?

If the daily grind of subcutaneous injection of T-20 (Fuzeon) has got you down, why not let your T-cells make their own -- with gene therapy? Dorothee von Laer and Marc Egelhofer from Georg-Speyer-Haus in Germany and colleagues recently reported on p...

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Out of the Lab: A New Target and a New Agent From Gilead

This space reviews early laboratory findings from the Journal of Virology that shows scientists at work uncovering new ways to think about -- and ultimately beat the virus.

Betting on Betulinic Acid

In the January issue of the Journal of Virology, ...

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T-1249 Trial Suspended: Formulation Woes Blamed

As the New Year began, Roche and Trimeris announced that they had decided to halt further development of their experimental entry inhibitor, T-1249. The drug was a follow-on to T-20 (enfuvirtide, Fuzeon), the first-of-its-kind fusion inhibitor that r...

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Paying for Life: The Issues Behind Drug Pricing

The Increasing Cost of U.S. Health Care Sorry, You’re Not on the List Why Is Price a Problem? Risky Business: The Case of T-20 Have I Got a Deal for You! The Best Is Not Good Enough Drug Pricing Terms Other Factors Affecting Price D...