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Basic Training: Session Recap From the 12th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

CROI Webcast Tuesday, 9:00 am

Workshop for New Investigators

This special session was organized for young scientists to entice them into studying emerging research topics in the basic science of HIV. It provides an overview of some of the key una...

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Men Who Have Sex With Men

Summaries of Recently Published Research on HIV Risk and Drug Use Among Men Who Have Sex With Men

The Journal of Urban Health recently released an advanced access version of a special issue devoted to investigations of substance use and sexual risk behavior among men who have sex with men (MSM). Some of these papers may offer useful insights for ...

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Whatever Happened to the Sex Radicals?

It's official: Superbug fatigue has set in. Nobody held a press conference, but the case report that launched a thousand news articles, water cooler conversations, and heated email exchanges has passed from the acute phase into the chronic fate of ov...

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One Is the Loneliest Number

A group of HIV/AIDS community doctors and organization leaders gathered in the offices of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on a Friday morning in early February 2005. They had been summoned by Commissioner Thomas Frieden to a...

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News Analysis

Impact of the Second Bush Administration on National HIV/AIDS Public Policy

The election of George W. Bush to a second term as President of the United States, combined with an increase in the Republican majority in both houses of Congress and an increase in the conservative faction of the majority, is likely to continue omin...

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Single-Dose Drugs May Be Effective, But They Can Jeopardize Long-Term Therapy

Results from a Thai study (PHPT-2) designed to evaluate whether greater mother-to-child transmission efficacy could be gained by adding single-dose nevirapine to standard zidovudine prophylaxis found that efficacy came with the risk of resistance.1


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Change and Rumors of Change

In nearly every corner of the globe, HIV treatment advocates are working for people living with HIV/AIDS, helping them to get the care they need and the respect they deserve; helping them to get the most out of whatever medications are available; to ...

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Why I Will Continue to Fight

As I watched the election returns, I felt a profound sense of despair and hopelessness. If the accusations of voter fraud were not true, the American people had chosen to re-elect one of the worst administrations in history, in spite of the debacle o...

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Colds and Influenza

My Flu Shot Story: Rationing During Wartime

Well, I got it, but it took considerable effort on the part of Mom, the Health Department and the staff of Kroger's to get the job done.

The day began at 3:00 a.m. -- not my favorite hour to crawl out of bed. I hit the snooze button at least twice a...

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Global Tuberculosis/HIV Advocates Demand Political Commitment

Treatment advocates from across the globe have challenged national governments and multi-lateral agencies to demonstrate greater political will and commitment in their response to the dual epidemics of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV.

The advocates warned...