David Barr

David Barr is a native New Yorker who has been working as an AIDS activist since 1985. He's worked with the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, ACT UP, GMHC and many other organizations. He is currently working with the Joep Lange Institute.

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Not Surprisingly, PopART Study Showed Community-Based Services Reduce HIV Incidence

"We don't need to spend another $140 million to find out how to retain people in care," activist David Barr writes. "We need to invest in the kinds of services people need so that they can use treatment easily and effectively."

By David Barr

Strike Two!

"Data now exist which suggest that even HIV-specific immune function may be augmented with prolonged therapy, providing optimism that meaningful immune control might be achievable in persons with chronic infection."

-- Bruce Walker, M.D., 2/...

By David Barr for Treatment Action Group