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A Review of the Cardiovascular Complications of HIV/HAART

Introduction Hypertension in HIV-Infected Men and Women Hypertension in HIV-Infected Women Cardiovascular Risk of PI-Containing HAART References


As morbidity and mortality rates due to HIV/AIDS have dramatically decreased ove...

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Deaths Down for People With AIDS; Causes Shift From AIDS- to Age-Related Diseases

On Mar. 26, 1998, the first of a number of important observational database studies was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This study by Palella et al.1 was the first to report a marked reduction of morbidity and mortality as the era o...

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Quality of Life Impact of Non-AIDS-Related Serious Adverse Events Versus AIDS-Related Events

For patients with advanced HIV disease, the fear of AIDS-related complications and death continues to play an ever-increasing role in their lives. This is particularly important for the many patients who have failed ART and have multidrug-resistant v...