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Body Positive, Inc., of New York City is no longer providing programs and services, and Body Positive and SIDAahora magazines have ceased publication. The archives of articles from those two magazines will continue to be hosted at The Body.

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New York City Budget Crisis

"I went online at a friend's apartment to find the telephone number for HIV and AIDS Services (HASA). I called the number and learned it was 'no longer in service,'" reports Marsha, a 38-year-old HIV-positive woman with two children living in New Y...

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When It Hurts to Ask for Help

I'm a person who has been living with HIV for the last 10 years. Up until now I've done pretty well on my own with no one else's help. In fact it used to really brother me that there were HIV-positive people out there who would who "bleed the system ...

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People Who Use Drugs

As Easy as ESAP

Jack is a person living with AIDS in Brooklyn. He was diagnosed with wasting syndrome, and his doctor prescribed testosterone injections. When going to visit his sister in Buffalo, however, he was in such a rush to get to the airport on time that he ...

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Meeting Clients "Where They Are"

Over the past two decades, harm reduction has emerged as one of the most positive social contributions made by the fight against HIV and AIDS. For most of those two decades, Don McVinney has advocated and practiced harm reduction strategies in the HI...

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Children (Ages 0-17)

Sex, Research and Community: A Conference Report

On November 1, 2002, more than sixty researchers and service providers from across the United States gathered in Manhattan for a conference on Sex, Research, and the Community: Focus on Integrating Research in Community Settings. The conference was o...

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The Challenge of Group Psychotherapy

I am a 55-year-old HIV-positive woman who has enrolled in a psychotherapy group for people living with HIV. I have been with this group for about a month and everything seemed to be going OK until last week when one member, a young woman, told me t...

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In Search of Solidarity: Alan Berkman, Physician and Firebrand

What I knew about Alan Berkman, M.D. was that he was the Medical Director of Highbridge-Woodycrest, a residence in the Bronx for individuals and families with AIDS. It's one of the oldest residences for people with AIDS and offers a comprehensive, ...

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Children (Ages 0-17)

"Working It Out": Scenes From the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Youth

Behind the ScenesThe script of "Working It Out" was drawn from intensive research interviews with lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens.

This year's Academy Awards were important and groundbreaking, but the best film I saw in 2002 -- actually a video -- ...

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Lipodystrophy/Body Fat

The Lipodystrophy Look

After years of being HIV-positive, I seem to have recently developed the "look" of having this disease. My face has lost its fullness and my cheeks have sunken into my face. Now, I feel self-conscious that everyone who looks at me can tell that I h...

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Conference Coverage

Reports: The National HIV Prevention Conference: August 12-15, 2001

HIV Prevention Conference Hits Atlanta Era of Decline of US AIDS Cases May Be Over Study: HIV Infection from Receptive Oral Sex Is Rare Dilemma in Fight Against AIDS Critics at AIDS Chief's Debut A "Chilling Portrait" of Failure to Preven...