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Women, Men and Microbicides

We've heard a lot about HIV entry inhibitors in 2003. The new injectable fusion blocker Fuzeon (T-20, enfuvirtide) is the first member of this new class of HIV drugs to hit the market, and several oral drugs intended to block HIV entry into cells at ...

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Reyataz Dosing Options Discussed

Atazanavir has been developed as a once-a-day (QD) protease inhibitor to treat HIV infection in combination with other antiretrovirals. Its approved dosage will be 400 mg QD, taken with food. The convenience of QD dosing is expected to enhance regime...

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Gilead's Viread International Access Program

Last December Gilead Sciences announced a plan to make their nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor Viread (tenofovir) available to clinics and treatment programs in the developing world at an affordable price. Joe Steele, the architect of Gilead...

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Showdown at the X4 Corral

For most people, HIV infection, if not treated, causes a long, slow decline in immune capacity to a point when they become susceptible to dangerous opportunistic infections. In some, this decline can happen within a few years; for a few, it hasn't ha...

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No Care Equals Bad Care: A Talk With Sam Bozzette, M.D., Ph.D.

Much of your research has focused on the systems through which people receive medical care and how those systems affect the actual outcomes of care in terms of, say, fewer hospital days or improved quality of life. In a broad sense, this kind of rese...

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HAART to Heart Talk

The powerful antiretroviral (ARV) drugs taken by people with HIV and AIDS caused a revolution in treating the disease after death rates plummeted when effective combination therapy was widely introduced in 1996. But almost immediately, clinicians beg...

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Our Biology Is Social

Um outro mundo é possível -- Another world is possible.

You're a professor of population sciences; so, what's up with us humans?

We can describe the present plight of our species as an eco-social distress syndrome. It pervades everything: The relat...

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Salvage Strategies and STI at the 10th Annual Retrovirus Conference

Selected news from the 10th Annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Boston, February 2003. First of a series.

STI in the Salvage Setting

Two studies presented at the 10th CROI investigated use of structured treatmen...

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Five New Drugs Enter the Home Stretch

It's a busy season for the folks at the FDA who approve AIDS drugs. At least five new products have passed or are soon to pass under their scrutiny on the way to your medicine shelf. And while none is expected to cause a treatment revolution, each ne...

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Lipodystrophy/Body Fat

The Case Against Zerit

HIV drug therapy works against HIV. This is clear from the dramatic drop in deaths due to AIDS after the use of combination therapy was widely adopted in 1996. But these drugs also act on the body and its metabolism in a number of strange and hard-to...