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Little Promise of Anal Protection From Adult HPV Vaccination

HPV vaccination and anal (vs. oral) HPV infection; single-tablet E/C/F/TDF vs. HIV-2; an HIV-positive infant’s “founder” virus; male circumcision and antiretroviral scale-up in Kenya.

A small pile of Truvada PrEP pills

PrEP Training for Primary Care Providers Could Help Expand Its Reach

Primary care providers are well positioned to screen for and prescribe PrEP, according to a recent research review -- but many PCPs feel ill equipped to prescribe what they perceive as an HIV medication.

Hepatitis C

This Week in HIV Research: Heavier Health Burdens Begin Before Diagnosis

Prevalence of non-AIDS comorbidities prior to HIV diagnosis; wealth and HIV treatment access amidst universal health care; the uncertain benefits of food supplementation; the results of universal hepatitis C treatment access.

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Primary Care for People With HIV Should Encompass More Than Viral Suppression

Non-HIV components of care may be neglected during health care visits because the focus is on HIV, said Steven C. Johnson, M.D., in a recent webinar.

People Who Use Drugs

This Week in HIV Research: The Ubiquity, and Diversity, of Substance Use

Substance use rates among people with HIV; the continuing risk of PML; tenofovir gel efficacy and menopause; the cumulative cost of the global fight against HIV.


This Week in HIV Research: Vitamin D for CD4? Eh.

The effect of vitamin D levels on CD4 count during HIV treatment; helping black men who have sex with men utilize PrEP; HIV and aortic stiffness; Legionnaires’ disease severity among people with HIV.


This Week in HIV Research: How Discrimination Feeds Cigarette Use

Tobacco use and HIV discrimination; enhancing viral suppression after prison with naltrexone; asymptomatic myocardial impairment during acute HIV infection; undetectability and yellow fever vaccine efficacy.

Retaining Patients in PrEP Care Faces Many Hurdles, Studies Show Img
CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections)

Retaining Patients in PrEP Care Faces Many Hurdles, Studies Show

Most people who could benefit from pre-exposure prophylaxis are not accessing it, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed at this year's Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections.

This Week in HIV Research: Butt Wait, There's More

HIV in plasma vs. rectal mucosa; engagement in care while on PrEP; depression and outcomes among women with HIV; dolutegravir resistance in the wake of monotherapy.

This Week in HIV Research: Erectile Dysfunction in the Modern Age

Reductions in erectile function among men who have sex with men; Australia, San Francisco, and 90-90-90 “fast track” targets; hepatitis C infection and HIV risk; safety of the live herpes zoster vaccine.