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This Week in HIV Research: Another Notch in the 'Treatment as Prevention' Belt

“Opposites Attract” study piles on more data backing U=U; mixed results on enhanced HIV interventions among African sex workers; the tipping point for re-engagement in HIV care; thyroid function in the modern treatment era.

Dolutegravir-Based Two-Drug Regimen Just as Good for HIV Treatment as Three-Drug Therapy, Study Says Img

Dolutegravir-Based Two-Drug Regimen Just as Good for HIV Treatment as Three-Drug Therapy, Study Says

A dolutegravir-based two-drug regimen was non-inferior to the standard three-drug therapy among treatment-naive participants, according to results from the two GEMINI trials presented at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands...

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This Week in HIV Research: Mitigating an ICE-y Reception

HIV ramifications of the Trump administration’s anti-immigration efforts; HIV in plasma vs. rectal tissue; how HCV treatment affects HIV/HCV coinfection; HPV vaccination efficacy among women with HIV.

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This Week in HIV Research: A Yawning Racial Gap in U.S. Testing

HIV testing disparities among black MSM in the Southern U.S.; reasons for non-adherence in a vaginal HIV prevention ring trial; the importance of PrEP despite successful HIV treatment; inaccurate antiretroviral usage rates in Africa.

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This Week in HIV Research: At-Home PrEP Care Advances

Fewer health care visits for PrEP recipients; sexual behavior in the U=U era; HIV and bone issues in women; how Medicaid enrollment gaps affect HIV treatment success.

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To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed While Living With HIV? Data Needed!

The risk of transmitting HIV through the breastmilk of virally suppressed women in high-income countries is not known.

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This Week in HIV Research: Key Measures of Success Lag in the U.S. South

Lower CD4, higher viral load in the U.S. South; HIV testing among U.S. heterosexuals; heightened seroconversion risk around childbirth; predicting success for long-acting, injectable PrEP.

The DMV Balenciaga House Meeting

Study Shows Depressive Symptoms Associated With Detectable HIV Viral Load, but Not With Missed Visits

Adherence to HIV care visits was associated more with mental health conditions before starting antiretroviral treatment than with recent depressive symptoms, while a detectable viral load was related to such symptoms.

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This Week in HIV Research: Not-So-Routine Testing

Missed chances for HIV testing; depressive symptoms associated with detectable HIV viral load; perceived HIV discrimination declines overall; zoledronic acid beats TDF switching for bone mass improvement.

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This Week in HIV Research: Missed Opportunities to Close the Gap

Missed opportunities to prescribe PrEP to at-risk people; long-term viral suppression reduces cancer risk; sexual health clinics and linkage to care; neurocognitive benefits of low-dose hydrocortisone therapy for women.