Anna Forbes, M.S.S.

Anna Forbes is a Washington, D.C.-based writer, organizer, and activist working in HIV/AIDS since 1985. Now an independent consultant focused on women's HIV-related needs and rights, her current and recent clients include a wide range of HIV-focused domestic and international NGOs and human rights initiatives.

Latest by Anna Forbes, M.S.S.

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Sex Work, Criminalization and HIV: Lessons From Advocacy History

Table of Contents

Introduction What Do the Data Say? Scientifically Sound but Politically Unpalatable PEPFAR and Needle Exchange Gay Men: From "Vectors" to a Voice at the Table Criminalizing HIV Exposure and Transmission Sex Workers: The...

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Microbicide Development: Positive Women's Concerns

**Formulated as anti-HIV gels, creams, or films, or loaded into vaginal rings or onto barrier devices such as diaphragms, microbicides are currently being developed to provide an HIV prevention tool that women can control directly and use without nec...

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Microbicides For HIV Prevention

Introduction How Do Microbicides Work? Advantages and Barriers to Use When Will Microbicides Be Available? Microbicides 2006 The Road Ahead


We all know about the "feminization" of AIDS. Approximately 8,000 women and girls a...

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Building a Microbicides Advocacy Campaign

The Global Campaign for Microbicides is a broad-based, international coalition initiated in 1998 to build support among policy makers, opinion leaders, and the general public for increased investment into microbicides and other user-controlled HIV pr...