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AIDS Action has been instrumental in the development and implementation of major public health policies that improve the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS and that ensures evidence based prevention programs to stop the spread of new infections.

In 1984, three years after the first reported AIDS cases, lawmakers remained silent as AIDS became national epidemic. Alarmed by the federal government's lack of action, a handful of the nation's community-based AIDS service organizations came together to create a united voice to educate and engage our elected officials. AIDS Action was created to forge a coordinated national response to AIDS and to ensure that our federal government responded. Our successes have been many including the passage of the Ryan While Care Act in 1990 and its subsequent reauthorizations.

On Jan. 1, 2011, AIDS Action and the National AIDS Fund merged to create a stronger national organization in the fight against HIV/AIDS, called AIDS United.

AIDS United
1424 K Street, N.W., Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202.408.4848
Fax: 202.408.1818

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News Analysis

AIDS Action Sends Letters to Vice Presidential Candidates Critiquing Their Comments on the Domestic HIV Epidemic

Washington, DC -- During the vice presidential debate on Tuesday, October 5, moderator Gwen Ifill asked Vice President Cheney the first direct HIV question of the debate cycle: "What should the government's role be in helping to end the growth of thi...

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The AIDS Drug Assistance Program: Past, Present, Future


History of ADAP

Program's Struggle to Keep Apace With the Domestic Epidemic

ADAP Today

Current Reality and Needs The President's ADAP "Direct Purchase" Initiative

The Future of ADAP

Two Perspectives on the Future Direction of ADA...

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The Ryan White CARE Act: An Update of Reauthorization From 2000 to 2004

Overview Themes of the 2000 Reauthorization Title Overview and Update Conclusion


The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Relief Emergency (CARE) Act was first enacted in 1990. The CARE Act is required to be reauthorized, a process of rev...

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HIV/AIDS in the United States

Total Reported AIDS Cases Demographic Trends Fiscal Year 2003 Funding for HIV/AIDS in the United States Serostatus Reporting U.S. AIDS Leadership References

While the federal government's investment in treatment and research is helping p...

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Policy Facts: Early Treatment for HIV Act: Expanding Care Through Medicaid

Introduction Medicaid and HIV/AIDS ETHA Legislation Concerns Conclusions AIDS Action Position References


The Early Treatment for HIV Act (ETHA) is proposed legislation that was originally introduced in the 106th and 107th...

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AIDS Action Weekly Update

This Week in Washington Leach Introduces Global Fund Bill Bush Announces "Millennium Challenge Account" Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS Convenes First Meeting NIH Outlines Bioterrorism Funding for FY 2003 In the ...

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Policy Facts: Ryan White CARE Act

The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Relief Emergency Act (the CARE Act) is the largest source of federal funding for people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. The CARE Act was first enacted in 1990, and Congress reauthorized the CARE Act in 200...