Thirty Percent of HIV-Postive Women in New York Get "Late" Diagnosis

New York state health officials say that approximately 30 percent of the state's women who are newly diagnosed with HIV receive an AIDS diagnosis at the same time or soon after their initial diagnosis. According to New York State Commissioner of Health Dr. Nirav R. Shah, an individual with HIV who receives an AIDS diagnosis concurrently or within 12 months of their initial positive HIV test result has what is referred to as a "late diagnosis." Women should be tested for HIV if they have been diagnosed with or treated for hepatitis, tuberculosis, or an STD; had unprotected sex with someone with an unknown status, multiple or anonymous partners, or men who have sex with men; injected drugs or shared needles or syringes. Humberto Cruz, director of the Department of Health's AIDS Institute, emphasized that the earlier an HIV infection is diagnosed, the better the chances are for maintaining an individual's good health and preventing further transmission of the disease.