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The Rising HIV Rates Among Young Women and Girls of Color: What's Going On? Part One

    Jennifer Irwin
    Jennifer Irwin, Deputy Executive Director at Health and Education Alternatives for Teens
    Tracie Gardner
    Tracie Gardner, Founder and Coordinator of the Women's Initiative to Stop HIV/AIDS NY at the Legal Action Center
    Claire Simon
    Claire Simon, Co-Director of the Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition
    "AIDS, Inc., does not know what to do with sexually active men who are not exclusively gay." _\-- Tracie Gardner_
    "Unfortunately your worth seems to be correlated to whether you have a man or a baby. How much of this attitude is trickling down to our young girls?" _\-- Kellee Terrell_
    Kellee Terrell

    Kellee Terrell


    Kellee Terrell is the former news editor of TheBody. Her articles and interviews have appeared in Teen Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Al Jazeera, Essence, The Root, The Advocate, and HelloBeautiful.