Providers: Bring Your HIV-Related Experience, Insights, and Passion to TheBodyPRO

Whether you have been in HIV work since the early days of the epidemic or joined the effort in recent years, we welcome you to TheBodyPRO.

There are many ways to be a part of this dynamic platform for HIV specialists and all who engage in the many facets of HIV care. We welcome you to share your story (as an author, interviewee, or source for an article), apply to our advisory board, and subscribe to our newsletters -- or just reach out anytime you'd like to give us feedback or suggestions.

Your contributions will help spread accurate and useful information and approaches in our shared goals of improving the lives of people with HIV, members of their communities, and those who engage in HIV care.

Ways to assist include:

  • Share Your Story
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  • Apply for TheBodyPRO Advisory Board
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Share Your Story

Across the years of our life, each of us has moments that stand out.

For some, it was the first time we sat across from someone to convey the news that he or she had tested positive for HIV antibodies. For others, it was when we witnessed the remarkable recoveries of patients able to access the first generation of truly effective HIV treatment -- or mourned those who did not. Or perhaps we gained insight into the decisions our patients and clients must make when we found ourselves facing our own health or social challenges.

We are grateful for stories that refuse to oversimplify the issues of HIV in our lives, our organizations, and our culture, as well as those that crystalize a very clear point with compelling examples from lived experiences.

We welcome you to contact us, whether you have a concrete idea for a story or experience you'd like to share, a nagging sense that there's something you want to say, a draft you'd like us to consider, or even notes towards that memoir you've yet to write. We can help.

If you find yourself facing a blank screen and a blinking cursor or just can't imagine having the time to type or to shoot a video, just let us know; we are often able to schedule interviews or may be working on an article that could use your perspective.

Give Us a Tip

Have you heard or seen something that could benefit from attention? Or do you have a concern that has not been addressed? Whether you're helping us share an underreported study result or shining light on a situation that needs to be resolved, we welcome you to contact us, including reaching out in confidence.

Apply for TheBodyPRO Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is an indispensible part of our efforts to provide the best possible content by and for HIV providers. As providers in your communities, you're the best ones to inform our coverage and help share our resources with others.

And it's less work than you might think: We just ask you to join us for a monthly update (or review it soon afterwards if you can't attend), plus for an hour or two each month to provide input on our work.

Here's our online application for a two-year term on the board. Members are seated on an ongoing basis as space permits, so we welcome your application.

Sign Up for, and Share, Our Newsletters

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