NMAC Launches ADAP Action Campaign

NMAC is launching a new campaign to bring attention to the crisis facing our nation's AIDS Drug Assistance Programs! A perfect storm of economic upheaval, increased enrollment and state and federal budget deficits have led to wait lists in 11 states and various cost containment measures in many others. As ADAPs are a payer of last resort, providing life-saving medications to people with no other means to purchase them, this crisis threatens the health and continuity of our nation's response to the epidemic.

NMAC will launch a website where the public can learn about and track developments in the ADAP crisis and will post videos of real-life ADAP clients and those who have been affected by wait lists and other so-called "cost containment" measures.

But we need your help!

Once the site goes live, folks will be able to post their own stories. But before that happens, we'd like to have a host of videos ready to post immediately so that the campaign can hit the ground running!

Help us raise awareness of the importance of our nation's AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, and get a flip camera to keep in the process!!

NMAC has flip cameras available, if you've got the time to help collect ADAP stories!

Simply respond to communications@nmac.org and if you're chosen, we'll ship you a camera to capture your ADAP videos, along with instructions and suggested questions to guide your interviews. Best of all, you get to keep the camera when you are done!

To apply to receive a free Flip camera and help NMAC's ADAP Action campaign please email us the following information:

  1. Your name and name of your organization (if applicable)
  2. Contact information (email, phone number, mailing address)
  3. A brief written statement on why you would like to participate (300 words or less)
  4. How many videos you plan to collect*

Our constituency of community and faith based organizations serve on the front lines of the struggle against AIDS and know first-hand the impact of funding shortages and program gaps and we know you can help us tell these stories.

Keep an eye out for the launch of NMAC's new website!!

* Due to the limited number of cameras available, participants must commit to collecting at least five (5) videos/stories to be eligible.