My Fabulous Disease Heads to AIDS 2016 in Durban

Mark S. King is at it again, bringing us the colorful sights, sounds, and amazing people that make up the international AIDS conference. Catch his videos here throughout AIDS2016, taking place in Durban, South Africa.

Sponsored by MSMGF ( and, this long-term HIV survivor and creator of the My Fabulous Disease blog will bring stories you simply will not find anywhere else. Watch this to learn more:

"I've never gone to this conference and met a passionate activist, or protestor, or drag queen on stilts whom I didn't instantly love -- and put on camera," says Mark. "You can expect me to be spending a lot of time in the Global Village. Think of it like It's a Small World -- but for AIDS. There are so many sights in that village that words cannot describe, and that's why video blogging at this conference is truly one of the highlights of my life as a chronicler of HIV advocacy and the people that make it all possible."

Mark and his Australian camera man Theo Tsipiras will capture the human stories that make the conference so compelling. "That isn't to say we won't include breaking stories about research," Mark said. "I have no problem rushing a scientist and getting him to explain the latest news to me. I just want to be sure he does it in a way that makes sense to everyone back home."

Mark has been covering the international AIDS conference for and since AIDS2010 in Vienna, and his fast-paced coverage has included everything from pharma protests, die-ins, candlelight vigils and muppets discussing AIDS. Along the way he has introduced us to committed advocates from every corner of the world.

"I will admit to it being exhausting," Mark adds. "We're filming morning to evening every day, and then I'm editing footage all night to produce the video for the day. It's a diet of pure adrenaline. But how can I not do this? What a joy and a privilege it is for me to be active and engaged, after so many years, and bringing these people and their stories to life. I'm also proud to continue this association with, the sites to which I have proudly contributed for more than twenty years."

It doesn't appear Mark is slowing down one bit this year. Go here for all his video reports!