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How Do You Stop a "Silent Epidemic"?

Baby Boomers, African Americans, and Big News in Hepatitis C

    From the Margin to the Center
    From the Margin to the Center: A Spotlight Series
    Geraldine Joseph
    Hadiyah Charles Geraldine Joseph
    "I do see quite a few patients with injection drug use histories that have hepatitis C; but I've also seen people that have never used injection drugs, but have snorted drugs." -- Geraldine Joseph
    "Because HIV is associated with sexuality and drug use, and has been framed as a 'gay' message, many people weren't interested ... With hepatitis C being framed as a disease that really affects baby boomers, it's a little bit easier to introduce the conversation of how a person would contract hepatitis C. " -- Hadiyah Charles
    Hepatitis C: A Minority Health Disparity in the U.S.
    "At most, what we can do at this point is to make sure that \[physicians are\] properly educated and know that it will, in fact, be state law to offer the test." -- Hadiyah Charles
    Hepatitis C Action Day 2013
    "Hepatitis C is a curable disease. It's not like diabetes or HIV or high blood pressure, where you're going to be on medications for life. We can cure people of this, or even eradicate it. But people actually have to know about the disease." -- Geraldine Joseph
    Olivia G. Ford

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