Guide for HIV Treatment Access for Those Without ...

We want to make sure that everyone has access to this helpful new document (available in a short version and a longer version) from the Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC) on how to get ahold of anti-HIV drugs (and hepatitis treatment too!) if you don't have coverage in other ways.

As many of us sadly know, going through patient assistance programs sponsored by the drug companies can be a confusing, time-sucking maze -- so the FPC has negotiated easier routes that they spell out in this document.

It's well known that the vast majority of people living with HIV seek to protect their partners to prevent further transmission of HIV. And having an undetectable viral load makes it MUCH less likely (and some would say, impossible) to transmit the virus to others. So it's vital that people have sustained access to these drugs not just for their own health but to help them in their efforts to stop transmission to others. That's one of the many reasons that access to safe, affordable treatment is an HIV prevention justice issue.

Please spread this document far and wide so it gets in the hands of any and all who could use it!