GlaxoSmithKline Announces New Program to Provide Financial Assistance for Eligible HIV Patients in the U.S.

Program Reduces Out-of-Pocket Expense Burden for Eligible Patients on GSK HIV Medications

Research Triangle Park -- GlaxoSmithKline [NYSE: GSK] announced today the launch of a new Patient Savings Card designed to help eligible patients improve compliance with their HIV regimens by reducing their out-of-pocket expenses for GSK HIV medications. Through this new program, patients are eligible to save up to $100 each month -- for each of their GSK HIV medicines -- for up to two years following first use.

GSK has worked closely with leaders in the HIV Community, with the Fair Pricing Coalition among these, to improve access to HIV medicines since the beginning of the epidemic. Recently the community has voiced a significant need among those patients in the non-government program segment, who may find paying their out-of-pocket costs an increasing challenge to adhering to their drug regimen.

Patients can enroll in the program by visiting their doctor and asking for a Patient Savings Card from GSK. They can take the Patient Savings Card to their local pharmacist along with their prescription for eligible GSK HIV medications, including LEXIVA® (fosamprenavir calcium), EPZICOM® (abacavir sulfate + lamivudine), COMBIVIR® (lamivudine + zidovudine), TRIZIVIR® (abacavir sulfate + lamivudine + zidovudine), EPIVIR® (lamivudine), ZIAGEN® (abacavir sulfate), and/or RETROVIR® (zidovudine).

"GSK is aware of the burden that medication costs can have on patients. We believe this program will help reduce the out-of-pocket costs for patients and will hopefully make it easier for them to adhere to their drug regimens," said Pete Hare, Vice President, HIV Division at GlaxoSmithKline. "As a company that has been working on the forefront of HIV for over twenty years, we are committed to ensuring that patients have access to the medicines they need to fight this disease."

GSK has also launched a companion website to the Patient Savings Card -- -- where patients can learn more about the program, find answers to questions they may have, determine eligibility regulations and use the "Tell a friend" feature to help other HIV patients learn more about how they can reduce their out-of-pocket expenses for their GSK HIV medications.

Individuals eligible for the program include patients who are paying out-of-pocket costs and whose prescriptions are not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, ADAP or any other Federal or State assistance program. Individuals who are Medicare eligible and enrolled in an employer-sponsored health plan or prescription drug benefit program for retirees are not eligible for the Patient Savings Card. Massachusetts residents are eligible only if their prescription for their GSK medicine is not covered by any insurance or assistance program (that is, they are paying the entire cost of the prescription themselves). Eligible individuals must have a valid, current prescription for one or more of the following GlaxoSmithKline medicines: LEXIVA (fosamprenavir calcium), EPZICOM (abacavir sulfate + lamivudine), COMBIVIR (lamivudine + zidovudine), TRIZIVIR (abacavir sulfate + lamivudine + zidovudine), EPIVIR (lamivudine), ZIAGEN (abacavir sulfate), and/or RETROVIR (zidovudine). For patients already enrolled in the LEXIVA Patient Support Program, this new program will replace the existing program for LEXIVA. See the "Eligibility Rules and Regulations" section of the Patient Savings Card for more information.

For more information visit or you may contact the GlaxoSmithKline Customer Response Center Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, at 1-888-825-5249.