The leader of Georgia's state HIV prevention unit has resigned after slightly more than one year on the job.

In response to inquiries about the resignation of Raphael Holloway, Division of Public Health Communication Director Ravae Graham issued the following statement:

"Mr. Holloway's resignation as director of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program goes into effect Sept. 4. Georgia's HIV program will continue to maintain our commitment to the citizens of Georgia by developing and nurturing relationships with community partners, engaging those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, informing Georgia's citizens of our services, and ensuring that the highest quality of HIV/AIDS prevention and care services are available to Georgians."

Georgia ranks eighth for AIDS cases among the US states, and some activists have charged that a pattern of dysfunction exists in its response to the epidemic. Before July 1, when it was transferred to the Department of Community Health, the HIV unit was part of the Department of Human Services. DHR's HIV/AIDS program had no director for nearly two years. Renee Ross took over the position in June 2006; however, she resigned prior to the June 2008 appointment of Holloway, who formerly worked for AID Atlanta.