From Online Assessment to Multimedia Stories, Answers Practitioners' Question: 'Is PrEP, the HIV Prevention Pill, Right for My Patient?'

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New York, N.Y. --, a longstanding and central resource for those who provide HIV care, announces its new collection of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) resources on its HIV Prevention Today spotlight center. Designed for busy primary care providers, as well as specialists, these resources offer accurate, clear and concise information and strategies for identifying the latest techniques in HIV prevention and care and connecting patients to them.

PrEP provides nearly 100% protection from HIV infection through a daily pill with few side effects or toxicities. It can also be a bridge to patient engagement with primary care, which is especially important for marginalized or stigmatized communities such as the HIV community. Prescribing PrEP and monitoring PrEP users is relatively straightforward, but as with all new medical developments, clear information and strategic approaches can assist providers in integrating this new intervention into the real world of medical practice.

"For years, has been a key resource for HIV care providers in our efforts to improve and prolong the lives of people with HIV," explains JD Davids, director of partnerships and a senior editor for the platform. "We're also thrilled to help educate practitioners about new and dramatically effective HIV prevention interventions through our HIV Prevention Today spotlight series and our PrEP tools, and by sharing the innovations and strategies of those at the forefront of prevention efforts."

Here are two highlights within HIV Prevention Today:

  • "Is PrEP Indicated?" is a new assessment tool designed primarily to help health care providers in the United States determine whether HIV PrEP is an optimal fit for their patients or clients through a series of clear, yes/no questions and annotated, data-based answers.
  • PrEP for HIV Prevention: You and Your Patient is an engaging, multimedia story on Demetre Daskalakis, M.D., M.P.H., and his patient, Rubén Cabrera, that brings the power of PrEP to life, depicting PrEP as tool to increase primary care utilization by and deepen the provider/patient relationship with members of populations that are often marginalized from health care. Along the way, Daskalakis outlines the basics of PrEP patient identification, prescription and monitoring.

Daskalakis, an early proponent of PrEP, has greatly expanded access to this game-changing intervention, first as an infectious disease clinician at the Mount Sinai Health System and now as New York City's deputy commissioner for the Division of Disease Control. He still maintains a close relationship with many of his patients -- including those living with HIV and those on PrEP -- and trains providers across the country on expanding PrEP access.

" is filling a gap in our continuing efforts to bring PrEP to all those in need," explains Daskalakis. "Their assessment tool for prescribers is a fact-filled, streamlined approach for evaluating patients who could benefit. It's an honor to share the experience of PrEP not only as an HIV prevention method but as a 'complete program of wellness,' as Rubén puts it -- a path towards improving the lives of people who could benefit from primary care."

In addition to these tools,'s HIV Prevention Today offers current news, research reports and analysis for providers, such as these examples:

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