Feb. 16: Is PrEP Prevention Justice? Join HIV PJA for Webinar on New Prevention Technology

Save the Date: Wednesday February 16:
Join the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance for Timely, Honest Discussion and Strategy on HIV Prevention:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011:
3:30-5:30 pm Eastern / 2:30-4:30 pm Central / 1:30-3:30 pm Mountain / 12:30-2:30 pm Pacific

HIV Prevention Justice Alliance Strategy Webinar
(formerly known as Strategy Lab for HIV Prevention Policy)
Monthly Webinar/Discussion

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For the first time, a multi-country trial has shown that the use of the oral anti-HIV drug Truvada, by HIV negative gay men, MSM and transgender women, decreased rates of HIV transmission. And CDC has now released an interim guidance on the use of PrEP in gay men and other men who have sex with men....

But these results and guides beg many questions about ethics, equity, access and human rights. Join us with trial investigators, community advocates, human rights activists and others for an informative and stimulating conversation.

Speakers have been asked to discuss:

What are the human rights and HIV prevention justice implications, possibilities, challenges of PrEP?

What are the questions of access and ethics around new prevention technology, and the level of community input and transparancy in decision-making processes

Vulnerable and Marginal populations -- thoughts on access and equity

Can interest in new prevention tech can bring new players in the fight for new resources? How can we leverage different strengths to FULLY fund the fight against AIDS?

We will also have plenty of time for discussion


Moderator: Dazon Dixon Diallo, MPH: SisterLove and the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

PART 1: iPrex Investigators:

Dr. Robert Grant, Gladstone Institute, UCSF; iPrex Primary Investigator: Trial Overview

Dr. Jeff McConnell, Gladstone Institute, UCSF; iPrex Scientist: Living our prevention justice principles in trial design and implementation: lessons from iPrex

Q and A with participants

PART 2: Critical Reflection

Keith Green, MSW, Director, Project PrePARE; Co-Chair Elect, Chicago Black Gay Men's Alliance: Critical reflections around PrEP: Questions, concerns, and next steps (informed by his recent article)

Anna Forbes, MSW, Women's Health and HIV/AIDS Advocate: A Pill to Prevent HIV? What the New iPrEx Results Mean for Women (informed by her recent article)

Dazon Dixon-Diallo, MPH, SisterLove and HIV Prevention Justice Alliance: The context of prevention research restructuring and other structural / institutional factors

Q and A with participants

PART 3: Guidances, and Who Is Guiding the Guides?

Representatives from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Global PrEP Working Group (invited): Recommendations, interactions with stakeholders and community, and next steps

Q and A with participants

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