CROI 2015: The (Lack of) Response to the Ebola Epidemic (Video)

Fred Schaich of IFARA spoke with two physicians who work for international organizations that are trying to halt the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. There have been more than 9,000 deaths from Ebola so far, including that of 500 health care workers, Dr. Van Cutsem said. He explained that Doctors Without Borders was working at full capacity on this crisis, with 4,000 staff members in the affected regions. He called the lack of international aid for the affected countries an "extreme failure of the international response" to this public health emergency.

Dr. Leuenberger emphasized that the epidemic impacts HIV and other diseases, as well: People stay away from clinics for fear of infection; scare health care resources are diverted to fight the epidemic; and a disproportionate number of the few doctors these countries have died from the disease. "Beyond Ebola many people are dying from preventable causes, simply because the whole epidemic has massively affected the health care system in general," he said.

Watch the video to learn more:

About the panelists:

  • David Leuenberger, M.D., Mission Philafricaine, Conakry, Guinea
  • Gilles Van Cutsem, M.D., Médecins Sans Frontières, Cape Town, South Africa

The video above has been posted on with permission from our partners at the International Foundation for Alternative Research in AIDS (IFARA). Visit IFARA's website or YouTube channel to watch more video interviews from the conference, as well as earlier meetings.