CROI 2014: Microbicides and HIV (Video)

IFARA spoke with Mitchell Warren and Kevin Fisher about the range of HIV prevention options now available or in development, including microbicides. Options range from daily PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) medication to vaginal rings and injectables that may work for months at a time. Panelists asked at what point long-acting prevention becomes a vaccine. The discussion also revolved around implementation of trial results and funding for research into yet-to-be-available options, as well as community follow-up after the conclusion of clinical trials. Other issues addressed were the need to recruit more women into trials and to ensure that agents under development can also be reformulated for pediatric use.

Watch the video to learn more:

About the panelists:

  • Mitchell Warren, Executive Director, AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition
  • Kevin Fisher, J.D., M.Sc., Policy Director, AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition

The video above has been posted on with permission from our partners at the International Foundation for Alternative Research in AIDS (IFARA). Visit IFARA's website or YouTube channel to watch more video interviews from the conference, as well as earlier meetings.