At AIDS 2016, the Global Village Rocks -- and Activists Party Without Pants

Partygoers with My Fabulous Disease cameraman Theo Tsipiras (bottom right) at the No Pants No Problem party during AIDS 2016, which took place at the Origins Nightclub in Durban, South Africa, on July 21
Mark S. King

After the hard work of attending this year's International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) in Durban, South Africa, AIDS activists from around the globe stripped to their boxers -- and sometimes less -- for the "No Pants No Problem" dance party on the eve of the final day of events.

In my final video blog of the massive conference, I capture the international bumping and grinding at the party, where gay, straight, and transgender advocates let off some steam after a conference filled with protests, wide-scale adoption of PrEP, and stark differences in the response to HIV/AIDS among different continents.

But first, we stroll the eye-popping Global Village to meet teenage advocates, grandmothers who are caring for the children left behind by the loss of their parents, a sexually explicit prevention campaign in Thailand, and a team from Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, who discuss what lies ahead in their home city, which will host the next International AIDS Conference in 2018.

I am so grateful to be among the legions of smart and committed activists here. My coverage has been made possible through my sponsor, the Global Forum on MSM & HIV, and my media sponsor, the most comprehensive HIV site on the 'net,

And now, I'll take a two-year rest until AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam. That's right, Amsterdam. Can you imagine?

Thanks for watching, and please be well.