Antibodies Could Offer a More 'Natural' and Safer HIV Treatment or Prevention Option

In addition to developing and manufacturing synthetic drugs to treat and prevent HIV, researchers are working on ways to use our own immune systems to fight and prevent HIV infection. Broadly neutralizing antibodies, which are produced by the immune system of some people living with HIV, may be part of one such strategy.

In a CROI session today about advances in antibody treatments for HIV prevention and treatment, Richard Kroup, M.D., from NIAID provided an overview of the recent advances in the field -- and what antibodies could mean for future vaccine and HIV treatment options.

"I like to think there's a reasonable likelihood that antibodies will work [for prevention]," said Koup. "There's a good safety record with monoclonal antibodies for other targets, and the potential that a single shot could confer long-lasting protection for three to six months."

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