AIDS 2016: Inside the Massive HIV Treatment Access March

Protestors at a July 18, 2016, march in Durban, South Africa, calling for better scale-up of HIV treatment access and prevention efforts
Theodore Tsipiras

I am a gay man with health insurance who is living in the U.S., which means I have access to HIV medications if I need them. In the global scheme of things, that makes me an enormously privileged person. My privilege is something that always strikes me square across the head when I attend the International AIDS Conference.

In my striking -- and humbling -- new video from AIDS 2016 in South Africa, I bring you inside a massive protest through the streets of Durban, and introduce you to activists who demand that HIV treatment is made available to people who need it, most particularly in Africa.

Meanwhile, in a bonus video report, I have a chat with HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) advocate Jim Pickett from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago about why he believes the international gathering should now be known as "the PrEP conference." Pickett also has some very choice words for an agency that is trying very hard to block a California bill that would provide education about PrEP to those who need it.

I can't help but mention some footage I have already created about the Global Village (coming soon!), as well as an interview with a young gay man who explains exactly how flirtatious the conference is -- and what he's doing about it.

Thanks for watching, and look for more soon!