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November 19, 2010

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Daniel Berger, M.D.A Closer Look at Tesamorelin (Egrifta), a Newly Approved Treatment for HIV-Associated Lipohypertrophy
On Nov. 10, tesamorelin (Egrifta) became the first drug approved in the U.S. to treat lipohypertrophy (specifically, visceral adiposity) in people with HIV. In our latest episode of HIV Management Today, we talk with HIV clinician-researcher Daniel Berger, M.D., about how tesamorelin works, which patients should receive it, and what else we know to date about the treatment of lipohypertrophy in HIV-infected people.

With HIV Medication Adherence, It's Not a Competition
"The next time you hear someone make a broad generalization about adherence being better in City A vs. B, or Country X vs. Y, remind them that people are people -- and adherence to HIV therapy is likely to be the same everywhere," writes Paul Sax, M.D. In this article from Journal Watch, Sax tackles the often-debated question of whether patients in certain parts of the world are "better" about taking their antiretrovirals than others.

Researchers Identify Specific Genes That May Hold Key to HIV Nonprogressors
"Tiny variants in a protein that alerts the body to infection could explain how one in 300 HIV-infected people are able to resist the onset of AIDS for years without needing any treatment," according to the results of a study published online in Science, Agence France-Presse reports. These new findings on long-term HIV nonprogressors could open a fresh path toward the development of novel HIV treatment options or a vaccine.

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Dr. Bob FrascinoIt's a Virus, Not a Crime!
"There is no evidence to support that criminal prosecutions for HIV nondisclosure offer any benefit in terms of HIV prevention," explains blogger Bob Frascino, M.D. "It undercuts the most basic HIV prevention message: to know your HIV status and take responsibility for your own sexual choices and health."

OprahHas Obama Already Failed Us on HIV/AIDS? (And Will Yelling Make It Better?)
"The dilemma for the HIV/AIDS community is: How much should President Obama be taken to task?" TheBodyPRO.com's editorial director Myles Helfand asks. "Is it wrong to shout at a man who seems sympathetic to our cause, or is shouting all the more necessary because sympathy isn't enough?"

Phill WilsonAmerica Has Voted; Now What?
"Riding a wave of anger and anxiety, Republicans swamped Democrats in Congressional races, winning more than 60 races and retaking the House of Representatives for the first time since 2006," writes Phill Wilson of the Black AIDS Institute. He outlines three major challenges he feels the election results present to the fight against HIV/AIDS, and what HIV/AIDS advocates need to do about it.

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Mondo GuerraPersonal Perspective: I'm Not Gay
"I'm not gay, even though I have sex with guys. And no, I'm not in denial. There are just some things about the lifestyle that I don't do." In this eye-opening first-person perspective, Joseph, 23, discusses why he doesn't self-identify as gay and the challenges of navigating safer sex when barebacking appears to be the norm. His words serve as a critical reminder of the obstacles that face HIV educators and prevention experts who attempt to reach men who have sex with men.

Brooke DavidoffBrooke Davidoff: Like Sand Through the Hourglass, Women's Health Falls
"I'd never been told by any of my previous doctors that I was at risk and should get tested for HIV," writes Brooke Davidoff. And if she hadn't gotten pregnant, she might still have no idea that she was HIV infected. "Sometimes they ask if you would like an HIV test. ... When you go to the dentist they say, 'You need to have this tooth pulled.' They don't ask if you would like your teeth pulled."

Regine SingletonRegine Singleton: The Trials of Transition
"I always said I would never get HIV -- I thought I was invincible," writes Regine Singleton. When she was diagnosed at 16, Regine had never seen any outreach or education about HIV for transgender people like herself. Read her story as she describes the challenges she faces as a transgender woman with HIV, and what she feels needs to be done to improve prevention, treatment and support for the transgender community.

Henry OcampoThis Positive Life Video Series: An Interview With Henry Ocampo
When Henry Ocampo was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 23, the news came as a shock: Not only did he work in HIV prevention, but he had always played it safe with his then-boyfriend, who was positive. Henry talks to us about living with HIV for the past 15 years; the stigma around being Filipino, gay and positive; and letting go of the fear of dying early.

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womenWomen and HIV: A Nuanced Epidemic
In 1985, women represented 8% of HIV infections each year in the U.S. By 2006, that number had risen to 27%. This Achieve article breaks down how women become infected with HIV today, and examines how HIV prevention efforts are failing to address barriers of poverty, sexism and racism that fuel the epidemic among women.

Robert BreiningYouths and Condoms: "We Need to Learn About What Will Keep Us Alive"
"What can we do to encourage our [young] peers to wear condoms?" asks HIV/AIDS advocate Robert Breining. There's no easy answer, but for Robert, it comes down to making sure young people get the message, not just the facts: "Programs that merely provide information and condoms, without addressing the crucial social factors ... are only tackling part of the problem."

What's Missing From HIV Prevention Strategies? Straight, Black Men, Expert Says
"Why are our expectations for black, heterosexual men so chillingly low or nonexistent when it comes to HIV prevention?" asks Lisa Bowleg, Ph.D. In this Q&A with the Black AIDS Institute, she talks about her recent examination of the role of straight African-American men in HIV education, and what the findings mean for HIV prevention in black communities.

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