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HIV and Cardiovascular Disease
This Week in HIV Research: Helping HIV-Positive Smokers Quit; Alcohol and Sexual Decision-Making; Gender Differences; and More
Higher CD4 Counts -- But Not Statins -- Cut Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke and Mortality
ChemSex Versus Recreational Drug Use: A Proposed Definition for Health Workers
Diabetes Risk, Screening and Monitoring in People With HIV
High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation Lowers HIV Replication In Vitro
Marijuana Use Tied to Lower Insulin Resistance Risk in HIV/HCV-Coinfected Patients
2015 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines From the CDC
Rectal STIs and Viral Load in HIV-Positive Men On and Off Treatment
This Week in HIV Research: Panobinostat Reduces Inflammation; Homophobia's Effect on HIV; Long-Term Painkiller Use; and More
Long-Term Painkiller Use Linked to Higher Death Risk Among HIV-Positive Individuals
Expanding HIV-Specific CD8 Cells Stifle HIV Reactivation in Elite Controller
Starting Treatment When CD4 Count Is Above 500 Reduces AIDS-Related Events
Fibrosis, CD4 Count Predict Liver-Related Death in HIV/HCV Patients
Pharmacokinetics of Antiretrovirals in Pregnancy: Rilpivirine, Etravirine and Raltegravir
Primary HIV Infection and Early Use of Antiretroviral Therapy
Young Adults Don't Understand Health Insurance Basics -- And That Makes It Hard to Shop for a Plan
Do Plentiful Diabetes Risk Factors Include HIV?
Impact of Age and HIV on Use of Non-HIV Meds: Early Results From the POPPY Study
HIV and Pregnancy Audit 2013 to 2014
Making Sense of Diverse Diabetes Rate Reports in HIV Cohorts
Ethics vs. Economics: The Cost of Outsourcing Clinical Trials to Developing Countries
Elvitegravir in Children and Adolescents
5 HCV Genotypes
More Study Highlights From BHIVA 2015

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