Spotlight Series on Hepatitis C

Guide to Hepatitis C for People Living With HIV

Testing, Coinfection, Treatment and Support

August 2007

Resources and Further Information

The following web links include excellent resources for further information.

HCV Advocate
A nonprofit organization founded in 1997 by people living with hepatitis C, it provides a wide range of HCV and HCV/HIV information online.

HIV i-Base
HIV i-Base is an advocacy organization set up in April 2000 by HIV-positive advocates. I-Base produces a monthly publication for doctors and four non-technical treatment guides, all of which are available free, both in print and online.

Treatment Action Group (TAG)
TAG is an HCV/HIV/TB activist group based in New York that reports new data on the epidemiology and natural history of HCV/HIV coinfection and the development of new treatments. TAG works with drug companies, government agencies, researchers, and other treatment activists. TAG also educates members of the HIV community about coinfection with HIV and hepatitis C.

TAG produces The Pipeline Report, which includes a review of new research. TAG also provides a listing of state ADAP programs that cover HCV treatment on its website.

National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Program (NATAP)
NATAP is a treatment information and advocacy project that provides wide coverage of news about HIV, HCV, HBV, and other related issues. The website and e-mail lists include postings of conference presentations and full journal articles that are otherwise inaccessible due to journal subscription requirements.

NATAP publishes a 40-page HCV/HIV coinfection handbook (last edition, Summer 2005) and other publications that use non-technical language to share detailed information on most important aspects of coinfection. See

HIV and
Medical website that includes research reports on viral hepatitis, particularly as it relates to HIV coinfection. The site is easy to search for articles by subject (e.g., "basics," "new HCV drugs," "biopsy").

Medical Conferences
Most of the major HIV conferences also include presentations and research relating to HCV/HIV coinfection. Hepatitis conferences tend to be less focused on coinfection.

Many HIV organizations and websites cover reports from these meetings, including NAM (, (, HIV i-Base (, and NATAP (

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