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ADAPs With Waiting Lists


35 individuals

The U.S. AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a $2.03 billion service that is part of Title II of the Ryan White CARE Act. There is a nationwide network of ADAPs that provide free medications to HIV-positive people in the U.S. who are poor, uninsured or underinsured. 230,932 HIV-positive people currently receive free medications through their ADAP.

As of July 23, 2014, there 35 individuals on an ADAP waiting list. Eleven ADAPs have had cost-containment measures in place since April 1, 2013 (reported as of July 15, 2014). No ADAPs currently anticipate additional cost-containment measures prior to March 31, 2015. Seven ADAPs reported modifying or eliminating existing cost-containment measures since April 1, 2013 (as of April 7, 2014).

This information is from the July 28, 2014 ADAP Watch and the 2014 National ADAP Monitoring Project Annual Report (PDF).