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ADAPs With Waiting Lists

The U.S. AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a $2.03 billion service that is part of Title II of the Ryan White CARE Act. There is a nationwide network of ADAPs that provide free medications to HIV-positive people in the U.S. who are poor, uninsured or underinsured. 230,932 HIV-positive people currently receive free medications through their ADAP.

As of Nov. 21, 2013, there are no individuals on ADAP waiting lists. Ten ADAPs have had cost-containment measures in place since April 1, 2013 (reported as of Aug. 6, 2013). In addition, no ADAPs reported considering implementing new or additional cost-containment measures by the end of ADAP's current fiscal year (March 31, 2014). Five ADAPs reported modifying or eliminating existing cost-containment measures since Aug. 6, 2013.

This information is from the Nov. 25, 2013 ADAP Watch and the 2013 National ADAP Monitoring Project Annual Report (PDF).