The Body Covers:
The 8th European Conference on Clinical Aspects and Treatment of HIV-Infection
Astir Palace Complex, Athens, Greece

October 28-31, 2001

Brian A. Boyle, M.D., J.D.Graeme Moyle, M.D., M.B., B.S., Dip. G.U.M.
Brian A. Boyle,
M.D., J.D.
Graeme Moyle,
M.D., M.B., B.S.,
Dip. G.U.M.
The European Conference on Clinical Aspects and Treatment of HIV-Infection is much as its name implies: a yearly meeting of 3,000 HIV/AIDS-care professionals to discuss such issues as medical side effects, quality of life concerns, drug interaction and resistance problems.

This year's conference, brought to you by the European AIDS Clinical Society, will include symposiums on modern management of HIV infections and the long-term outlook for HAART and other therapies. For more information, visit the conference's Web site.

Reporting exclusively for The Body at this conference is Brian A. Boyle, M.D., J.D. and Graeme Moyle, M.D., M.B., B.S., Dip. G.U.M.

Funding for The Body's conference coverage is provided, in part, by unrestricted educational grants from Boehringer-Ingelheim and GlaxoSmithKline.

The Body's Conference Summaries

Tipranavir: The First Non-Peptidic Protease Inhibitor

The Impact of First Line Therapies on Lipid Metabolism: The FRAMS Data

Switching From PI-Based to NNRTI-Based Regimens: Clinical and Metabolic Outcomes

One Week of Monotherapy with TMC-125, a Novel Highly Potent NNRTI, Produces a Mean 2-Log Reduction in Viral Load in Antiretroviral-Naive, HIV-1-Infected Volunteers (Abstract 09)

Minor Interaction Between Efavirenz and Saquinavir When Combined with Small Doses of Ritonavir in a QD Regimen (Late Breaker Poster 9)

A Phase IV Randomized Open-Label Multicenter Trial to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Indinavir/Ritonavir (800/100mg BID) vs. Saquinavir/Ritonavir (1,000/100mg BID) in Adult HIV-1 Infection: The Max Cmin 1 Trial

Long-Term Follow-Up of Antiretroviral-Naive HIV-Infected Patients Treated with d4T and ddI (qd) and Nevirapine (bid or qd) in the VIRGO Study (Abstract 53)

Tenofovir DF 300mg Consistently Demonstrates Anti-HIV Activity Regardless of Baseline Demographic Characteristics in Antiretroviral Experienced HIV-1-Infected Patients (Abstract 56)

Long-Term Follow-Up of MAINTAVIR Study: Substitution of a NNRTI for Protease Inhibitor in Patients on Combination Therapy with Undetectable Plasma Viral Loads (Abstract 77)

Associations Between Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (NNRTI) Use and HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy Syndrome (HALS) in the Dagna-LipART Cohort Study (Poster 109)

Rise in HDL Cholesterol Associated with Nevirapine Containing Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-1 Infected Patients Is Sustained Over 48 Weeks of Treatment (Poster 126)

Lack of Clinically Relevant Drug-Drug Interactions Between Tenofovir DF and Efavirenz, Indinavir, Lamivudine and Lopinavir/Ritonavir in Healthy Subjects (Oral Session 3, Abstract 171)

Tenofovir DF 907 Study (Abstract 017)

Cardiovascular Risk Factors in HIV Patients: Association with Antiretroviral Therapy (The DAD Study) (Abstract 018)

Once-Daily Combination Therapy with Emtricitabine, Didanosine and Efavirenz in Treatment-Naive HIV-Infected Adults: 24-Month Follow-Up of the ANRS 091 Trial (Poster 221)

Additional Evidence for the Absence of Serum Lipid Elevations After 48-Week Treatment with Atazanavir (BMS-232632) in Treatment-Naive HIV-Positive Subjects (Trial AI424-008) (Poster 223)

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