Spotlight Series on Hepatitis C

HEPPigram: One Approach to HCV Treatment

August/September 2002

This article is part of The Body PRO's archive. Because it contains information that may no longer be accurate, this article should only be considered a historical document.

This flow chart is for patients with chronic HCV infection who are eligible for treatment. At present, the only difference for HIV and HCV co-infected patients with genotype 2 or 3 is that the duration of treatment is unclear. See "Editor's Letter" in this issue.

  1. Pt has consistently abnormal ALT with positive HCV PCR (see the "Genotype" section in "Recommendations for Those on the Frontline Against Hepatitis C" in this issue).

  2. Some experts suggest a liver biopsy for all cases.


  3. Biopsy can be considered at this point, but NIH guidelines may be silent.

  4. See NIH Treatment Guidelines for specific treatment recommendations.

  5. Current practice is not the same as FDA labeling.

This article was provided by Brown Medical School. It is a part of the publication HEPP Report.


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