Top Stories on August 29, 2017
Saving the HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Training Resource Center

The Mental Health Care Provider Education in HIV/AIDS Program, which provides essential training has just been eliminated from the proposed 2018 federal budget and must be restored.

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This Week in HIV Research: Average Time Between Diagnosis and Linkage to Care

This week, a study finds that the average time it takes to for newly diagnosed patients to enter care in the U.S. is three months.

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HIV Treatment Helps Neurocognitive Scores, but Impairment Increases With Age, Study Finds

U.S. researchers found neurocognitive improvements over time among HIV-positive people on suppressive therapy, but also an overall risk of neurocognitive impairment that rose almost 20% every 10 years.

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Views From the Front Lines: Getting to Undetectable

Three service providers relate their views and insights on the challenges facing their clients in getting an undetectable viral load.

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CDC Corrects Misleading HIV Conception Guidance

HIV Drugs in the Pipeline: Update From IAS 2017

Mosaic HIV Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise in Early Trial

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