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Top Stories on TheBodyPRO.com: August 1, 2017
HIV Remission News From IAS 2017

After very early antiretroviral therapy during infancy, a HIV-positive child in South Africa has been able to control the virus without any meds for eight and a half years, according to a study presented at IAS 2017.

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This Week in HIV Research: Injectable PrEP Shows Promise in New Study

This week, a study finds that injectable cabotegravir, an investigational integrase inhibitor, is well tolerated and shows promise as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

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Scientists Hone in on the Best Way to Expose HIV Hidden in the Viral Reservoir, a Crucial Step Toward an Eventual Cure

Researchers at the University of North Carolina identified a better dosing strategy for a drug that exposes HIV hiding inside the body's viral reservoir, according to a new study.

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Phase 3 Results With Bictegravir -- A New Integrase Inhibitor Combined With FTC/TAF

Two studies presented at IAS 2017 showed bictegravir to be very similar in efficacy to dolutegravir with slight differences in the formulations linked to the background NRTIs in the fixed-dose combinations.

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Know Your HCV Drugs and Classes

Isentress HD in Clinical Trials

Really Rapid Review -- Paris IAS 2017

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