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Top Stories on TheBodyPRO.com: July 5, 2017
Beyond the Gender Binary: HIV Support for Those Who Check Neither M Nor F

"Are we making sure that everyone, of any and every gender or no gender at all, has the necessary support for dealing with their diagnosis and successfully managing a lifetime of health care?" asks Francisco-Luis White?

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This Week in HIV Research: Long-Term Nonprogressors Have Greater Thymic Function

This week, a study finds that thymic function, which is associated with higher CD4 counts in people with HIV, is greater in long-term nonprogressors.

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Talking About Fatherhood and Reproductive Health With Heterosexual Men Living With HIV

Some heterosexual men living with HIV assume they have to forego fatherhood and mixed-status relationships. Providers can help dispel these misconceptions by having conversations about reproductive health with their patients.

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Fat Gains Continue and Lean Mass Falls in Group on Long-Term HIV Therapy

Researchers working with the U.S. AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) conducted a study to learn more about multi-year body composition changes in HIV-positive people taking antiretroviral therapy.

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Inflammation Associated With Pre-Treatment Viral Load in People With HIV

Low Vitamin D Tied to Statin-Related Muscle Toxicity in People With HIV

HIV Superinfection Is Associated With Specific HLA Types

Community Coverage On TheBody.com for National HIV Testing Day: