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Top Stories on TheBodyPRO.com: May 30, 2017
Depression Not Tied to Mortality Risk in Current Treatment Era

Experiencing symptoms of depression had no impact on risk of all-cause mortality in a 2005-2014 U.S. study of people with HIV.

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How Can Providers Deal With Concerns About Risk Compensation in PrEP Users?

Some health care providers may have concerns that some PrEP users may increase their sexual risk-taking behavior because they feel less susceptible to HIV while taking PrEP.

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Main Barriers to Taking Meds Among Adults, Adolescents and Children

Simply forgetting to take antiretroviral pills, being away from home and a change in the daily routine headed the list of reasons for inconsistent antiretroviral pill taking in a 125-study analysis.

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Grip Strength Falls Faster in Older Men With HIV Than Without HIV

Grip strength fell faster after age 50 in men with HIV than in a similar group of HIV-negative men, according to a 7-year analysis in the U.S.

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Access Means More Than Co-Pays: PrEP Success for Transgender Women

HIV and Hepatitis C Not the Most Serious Infectious Threats to People Who Inject Drugs

Some Issues Related to Sexual Dysfunction in Men

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