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Top Stories on TheBodyPRO.com: May 16, 2017
Heavy and Binge Alcohol Drinking Tied to Missing HIV Care Appointments

Heavy alcohol drinking lowered chances of keeping HIV care appointments more than 20%, according to results of a 9694-person U.S. study.

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This Week in HIV Research: New Maturation Inhibitor May Work Against Protease Inhibitor-Resistant HIV

This week, a study finds that a new maturation inhibitor in development, GSK3532795, shows activity against HIV that is resistant to protease inhibitors.

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The Best HIV Cure Will Be Built With Us, Not Just for Us

"Without early and consistent partnership with the community in our efforts to incrementally develop a cure for HIV ... we may never achieve what people with HIV most hope a cure will offer them."

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Viral Loads Becoming Undetectable in More People Across the United States

Among HIV-positive people in care in the United States, proportions prescribed antiretroviral therapy by their provider and reaching an undetectable viral load rose steadily from 2009 through 2013.

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Implementation of a Rapid HIV Diagnostic and Referral Strategy

Men, Black People and Injection Drug Users Have Higher Risk of Discontinuous HIV Care

Researchers Explore Life Expectancy Among HIV-Positive People

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