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Top Stories on TheBodyPRO.com: May 9, 2017
Cancer Rates Climbing With Age in Individuals With HIV

Overall incidence of cancers not related to HIV is forecast to rise, partly because of high rates of smoking and lung cancer in people with HIV.

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This Week in HIV Research: Multidrug-Resistant HIV Widespread in Kenya; and Bictegravir vs. Dolutegravir

This week, a study finds that a quarter of Kenyans with HIV who have experienced second-line treatment failure have multidrug-resistant HIV.

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Pneumococcal Disease 13 Times More Frequent in People With HIV

Compared with HIV-negative individuals, people with HIV had a 13 times higher rate of invasive pneumococcal disease, a possibly serious infection with the bacterium Streptococcus pneumonia (Strep).

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Ibalizumab Is Effective at Reducing HIV Viral Load in People With Few Treatment Options

A new monoclonal antibody drug called ibalizumab reduced viral loads in individuals with multi-drug resistant HIV, in a recent study.

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No HIV Transmissions Among PrEP Group in London Clinic

Hepatitis Preventable, Treatable, Beatable, but Its Toll Increasing

Nurse-Led Adherence Intervention Works and Saves Money

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