Top Stories on April 4, 2017

Life expectancy after starting antiretroviral therapy for HIV has risen over the years in both high-income and low/middle-income countries, according to a new meta-analysis.

This Week in HIV Research: Condomless Sex More Common During the Treatment-as-Prevention Era

This week, a study finds that condomless sex among men living with HIV has risen during the treatment-as-prevention era. Another study finds that statins are less effective in people with HIV who have lower baseline vitamin D levels.

Frailty Linked to Inflammation, Low Sex Hormone Levels in Men With HIV

In a study of HIV-positive men, frailty was linked to higher levels of inflammation markers and lower levels of testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Are Current PrEP Guidelines and HIV Risk-Screening Tools Accurate Enough?

One study examined how accurate current PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) guidelines and risk-screening tools are among a group of young Black men who have sex with men.

Opt-Out HIV and HCV Testing at the Dallas County Jail

The Impact of HIV Health Literacy on Viral Suppression

Frame PrEP as Part of a "Healthy Sex Life" for Better Adherence

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