HIV Cure


How Close Are We to a Cure for HIV? A Q&A With HIV Cure Scientific Superstars
NIH Scientists Identify Potent Antibody That Neutralizes Nearly All HIV Strains
NIH Spotlights HIV Cure Research
Gene-Editing Technology: A Game Changer for HIV Cure Research?
Advances in HIV Latency Leading to New Cure Approaches
What's Hot in HIV Cure Research?
Antibody Therapy Leads to Sustained Post-Treatment SIV Control in Macaques
Scientists at NIH and Emory Achieve Sustained SIV Remission in Monkeys
The Trauma of Hope: A Psychotherapist Reflects on False Cure News -- A Blog Entry by Keiko Lane
Should HIV Cure Research, Inspired by Advances in Fighting Cancer, Aim for Remission Not Eradication?
With HIV Cure Research on the Horizon, Exploring Ethical Questions in Advance
Researchers, Policy Makers, Volunteers See Different Risks of HIV Cure Research
Personal Clinical Benefits in HIV Cure Trials: Unlikely But Motivating
Can Cancer Treatments Pave the Way to a Cure for HIV?
The Current State of HIV Cure Research: An Interview With Carl Dieffenbach

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Analysis & Opinion

When it comes to an HIV cure, what do we know now and what are the main areas of focus for future research? Irini Sereti, M.D., reviewed and analyzed the current strategies.
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While a true cure remains elusive for both diseases, HIV researchers are looking at new advances in immuno-oncology.
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When it comes to clinical trials for HIV cures, many patient volunteers may be asked to stop taking their once-daily medicines, raising ethical questions and concerns.
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Genome engineering is an experimental approach for achieving a functional cure of HIV by genetically engineering CD4 T cells to become resistant to HIV.
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Two cure strategies currently being studied include therapeutic vaccines and broadly neutralizing antibodies.
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