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Judith Feinberg, M.D.

Cenicriviroc Shows Good Virologic Success, Tolerability Compared to Efavirenz

Cenicriviroc (CVC), an oral CCR5/CCR2 antagonist in development, showed non-inferiority and better tolerability when compared to efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin), as well as strong anti-inflammatory indications, according to study results presented at EACS 2013.

EACS 2013

Integrase Inhibitor GSK744 Safe, Effective as Once-Daily Oral Pill

Twenty-four week data showed that GSK744 (also known variously as S/GSK1265744 or simply "744") was safe and efficacious for treatment-naive patients, and works best when taken at 30 mg per day -- though it is also being developed as a once-monthly or once-quarterly drug.

EACS 2013

Why Patients (and Their Doctors) Choose Not to Start HIV Treatment

A European-Australian survey finds that people with HIV choose not to start antiretroviral therapy mainly because they feel no symptoms and believe treatment is not needed, while physicians hesitate mainly because they either perceive their patients as being too depressed or feel they have not known the patient long enough.

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