The Only Cases of HIV Cure or Remission

August 9, 2017


The Mississippi Baby

The "Mississippi Baby"

One of the most popular "cured" stories came in March 2013. That's when we learned about a baby from Mississippi who had HIV at birth, but whose infection appeared to have subsequently been wiped out.

Similar to the VISCONTI group, the key to success in this case appeared to have been starting HIV treatment very early with the most potent drugs available. This is not typically necessary for babies born to HIV-positive mothers, in part because mothers rarely pass HIV to their children if they receive proper care before giving birth.

After being taken off treatment, the child showed no signs of HIV for 27 months. However, in July 2014, the child's virus rebounded.

While disappointing, the case could provide some critical insight if scientists are able to determine what it was that prevented HIV from rebounding for 27 months even though the child was not on treatment, as well as what triggered the rebound.

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