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January 10, 2012

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Paul SaxJournal Club: In Early HIV Infection, Little Reason to Delay Therapy
Paul Sax, M.D., sees recently published results from the Setpoint study as further reason to encourage immediate commencement of antiretroviral therapy in newly diagnosed, HIV-infected patients.

David Wohl, M.D.Top HIV/AIDS-Related Clinical Developments of 2011
David Wohl, M.D., takes an in-depth look at the past year's most critical HIV-related studies, and explains how each may change the manner in which we practice HIV prevention or treatment in 2012 and beyond.

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New YorkNew Yorkers Living Longer Than U.S. Average; Officials Cite Expanded HIV Testing, Treatment
While moving to New York City may not automatically increase life expectancy, city officials say that their citizens, on average, are living longer than ever before -- and that greater efforts to test and treat for HIV are a key factor.

pill jarJ&J Will Not Join Medicines Patent Pool; Says Pool Could "Cause Disaster"
The nascent Medicines Patent Pool, which was created in part to improve access to inexpensive HIV medications in resource-poor countries, suffered a blow last month when Johnson & Johnson announced it would not take part over concerns about a surge in HIV drug resistance.

U.S. Needle-Exchange Programs Face New Federal Funding Ban
Federal funding for needle-exchange programs in the U.S. faces prohibition once again, only two years after Congress had lifted a ban on such funding.

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virusExperimental Vaccine Partially Protects Monkeys From HIV-Like Infection
"New vaccine research in monkeys suggests that scientists are homing in on the critical ingredients of a protective HIV vaccine," according to a press release from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Gilead Seeks First-Ever Approval for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Drug
Gilead Sciences, Inc., announced it has asked U.S. regulators to approve its once-daily pill tenofovir/emtricitabine (Truvada) as the world's first drug to prevent HIV infection.

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Mark S. KingMark S. King: Addiction, the Disease More Likely to Kill Me
"The drug relapse came over me like a sickness, as if I was coming down with something, slowly, over weeks," Mark S. King writes. "The breakup with my former partner last month in Ft. Lauderdale had been cordial ... But my disease of addiction had already begun rearranging my thoughts, shuffling my priorities in a bid for dominance over the vigilant recovery I had practiced, proudly and successfully, for nearly three years."

Robert DarrowA Day in the Life: Robert Darrow on Taking His Meds and Living His Dreams (Video)
Robert Darrow is one busy guy: He runs a community theater and remains deeply involved with the HIV/AIDS service organization he cofounded more than two decades ago. After living with HIV for 26 years, how does he balance an insane schedule with the need to stay up on his meds? In this video, he tells his story and shares several tips on adherence.

Dave R.Neuropathy? Never Heard of It!
"It started off, like for so many people, with tingling in the toes, then loss of feeling in the toes and feet, and then confusingly dull pain," Dave R. recalls. He's talking about peripheral neuropathy, a nerve disease affecting 30 percent of all HIV-positive people. In the first entry of his new blog on TheBody.com, which will highlight useful neuropathy information and research, Dave shares what it's like to be HIV positive and deal with this debilitating side effect.

Dr. BobStrangest but Truest Posts in TheBody.com's "Ask the Experts" Forums -- the "Best of Dr. Bob" Edition
Each year, we scour our "Ask the Experts" forums and ask our readers to vote on 10 posts we feel are the "best of the worst" -- some of the oddest questions we've seen people ask about HIV that year. This year's collection honors Bob Frascino, M.D., who was a master at responding to these questions.

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