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August 23, 2011

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Starting Treatment Resource CenterNew at TheBody.com: Resource Center on Starting HIV Treatment
Do you frequently see patients or clients who are on the verge of initiating antiretroviral therapy, or who have recently begun HIV treatment and are still adjusting to life on HAART? Our newest resource center at TheBody.com features expert advice, personal stories and other tools to assist with these potentially fraught issues.

Paul SaxNext Single-Pill HIV Treatment Approved, and It's Not Called "B-Tripla"
"One famous HIV clinician/clinical researcher likens co-formulated TDF/FTC/EFV (Atripla) to a 'Godzilla,' so dominant has the treatment become as initial therapy for HIV," writes Paul Sax, M.D. "Does this big lizard of a regimen now have a competitor?" Sax ponders the future of rilpivirine/tenofovir/emtricitabine (Complera) now that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.

CompleraU.S. Treatment Guidelines Panel Adds Rilpivirine to List of "Alternative" First-Line Antiretrovirals
Following FDA approval of the all-in-one pill rilpivirine/tenofovir/emtricitabine (Complera), the U.S. DHHS HIV treatment guidelines panel has announced that rilpivirine (Edurant) is now an "alternative" first-line medication.

Research Begins to Puzzle Out Secrets of HIV Controllers
One hopeful area of HIV vaccine research involves neutralizing antibodies, which appear to curb (or even halt) HIV replication in a rare subset of people. U.S. researchers believe they're making some early progress in determining how to spur the evolution of these antibodies within those in whom they do not occur naturally.

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Southern Tier AIDS Program of New YorkHIV/AIDS Organization Spotlight: Southern Tier AIDS Program of New York
This week, we turn our HIV/AIDS Organization Spotlight on New York state and the Southern Tier AIDS Program (STAP). STAP provides HIV prevention and education to a broad swath of upstate New York, as well as care services for hundreds of HIVers, many of whom live in rural areas.

criminalizationHouse Democrat Plans to Introduce Anti-HIV Criminalization Bill to U.S. Congress
"A new bill could put an end to HIV criminalization laws that impose cruel and unfair penalties on people with HIV," Julie Turkewitz of Housing Works reports. A draft of the bill, to be introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee of California, includes this sentence: "The criminalization of exposure to and/or transmission of HIV without the requirement of malicious intent violates the civil and human rights of individuals who are HIV positive."

Georgia, Ohio Reduce ADAP Wait Lists, Bringing Overall Numbers Down Slightly
Ohio (and to a lesser extent Georgia) was able to make inroads against its AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) waiting list last week, transitioning a number of people off the lists and into care. As a result, overall nationwide waiting list numbers dropped slightly over the past week, even though most other states saw their lists grow.

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vaccine World's Largest Vaccine Study Expands, Looks Toward Prevention
The biggest active study on the planet involving an HIV vaccine is enrolling an additional 750 volunteers and expanding its scope to look at both treatment and prevention, according to the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

David Bromstad HGTV Star David Bromstad Wants Americans to "Know Themselves"
The "Know Yourself" HIV testing campaign kicked off last month with a special message for men who have sex with men brought to you by David Bromstad, winner of the first season of HGTV's Design Star and current host of Color Splash.

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Melissa BakerMelissa Baker: Dispelling the Myths About Being a Mom With HIV
"Have you ever wondered how to tell your child/children that you are HIV positive or living with HIV/AIDS? Or how an HIV-positive woman can have an HIV-negative child?" Melissa Baker, an HIV-positive mother of four, speaks out about her efforts to dispel stigma and encourage other women to get tested.

Aless PiperThe Guilt Myth: Who Deserves HIV/AIDS?
"Why is that 'love the sinner, hate the sin' mentality, which so many Christians boast, oddly absent when it comes to HIV/AIDS in America?" blogger Aless Piper asks. "Nobody deserves HIV, the same way nobody deserves cancer ... even if they have smoked a pack a day for several decades."

Rae Lewis-ThorntonRae Lewis-Thornton: What We Do to Keep a Man
"When I think about the things that I did in my 20s to try to keep a man, I'm downright embarrassed," Rae Lewis-Thornton admits. "Looking back, I know some of it was rooted in the fact that I didn't want to be alone with HIV." But now? "I will be 50 years old in eight months," Rae writes. "I am not going to debase myself for the love of another. Those days are long gone."

IbrahimIbrahim: Poz Politics in the Face of Armageddon
Everywhere he turns, Ibrahim sees signs of how little the HIV/AIDS community is taken into account when U.S. city, state and federal leaders make decisions about HIV policy. "I guess my HIV virus should vote Republican in the next elections, because this will give it a chance to multiply once my medications get the shortage in supply," he quips. "Clearly, my virus and I are on very different political agendas."

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